Savor SoFLO Festival Review

Clam a la chalaca at Margaritaville’s booth


There is a reason we skipped dinner after the fest — there was so. Much. Food.

Casamigos had the cutest (and most delicious) drink holders.


Of course, all that food needs something to wash it down. Islamorada Brewery, 3 Daughters, Funky Buddha, and Voodoo Ranger were just some of the breweries present. Wineries included St. Augustine’s San Sebastian, Josh, and Stella Rosa among others. Mountain Dew had a fun tent with their four new seltzer flavors, and Casamigos served up creamy cocktails in coconuts. Florida Dairy Farmers seemed to be a fan favorite with their boozy milkshakes. Ole Smokey Mountain brought a taste of Tennessee moonshine to the Sunshine State while Long Drink displayed their tasty seltzers. For those that didn’t imbibe, Zephyrhills, S.Pellegrino, Vita Coco and V8 provided plenty of hydration.

There was beautiful weather for the fest!

Cooking Demos

Cooking competitions kicked off the event (Margaritaville won) with two cooking demos in the afternoon. Chef Bruno cooked tacos with Greek yogurt horseradish tzatziki sauce, even providing words of wisdom. “It’s not that these ingredients don’t go together, it’s that they take time,” he said.

The swag alone is worth the price of admission.


The swag gifts started immediately upon arrival with a tote bag and engraved wine glass accompanied by a lanyard. Koozies, snacks, t-shirts, visors, sunglasses, totes, protein bars, chocolate, cookies, snacks, coupons, cups, and numerous other freebies were the reason my arm was sore by the end of the event. Gray Whale Gin had cute tote bags and pins, while Chosen Foods had a fun spinning wheel with their products, such as their mayonnaise, cooking oil, and dressing. Mountain Dew was one of the most generous booths with their seltzer cans, shirts, and koozies.

Publix always comes through with lovely displays.

Photo Ops

Aside from a beautiful sky and ocean as a backdrop, there was a multitude of photo ops. Tito’s Vodka had a 360 photo booth, Margaritaville had a fun beach theme, and Publix had a gorgeous greenery setup. Guests would be remiss to dismiss a quick pic.



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