Product Review: Step One Foods

Natalya Jones
2 min readMar 13, 2023

Disclosure: I was given these products in exchange for this post. All opinions here are my own.

Cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Klodas created Step One Foods, which contain various snacks to help with high cholesterol and overall heart health.

You may think these snacks would be bland, but that is not the case – they are quite tasty and conveniently packaged, making it easy to eat on the go.

Anytime Sprinkle

Some may not like the grainy taste of fiber, but I love it. I used the Anytime Sprinkle on a meal of chicken, sweet potatoes and veggies. I mixed it up so it was evenly distributed and enjoyed the powdery addition. This tasted delicious on Cheerios and made the meal even more satisfying.

This has five grams of sugar and one gram of added sugars. It also has five grams of fiber.

Snack Bars

All the flavors I tried have five grams of fiber, are gluten free and have no sodium.

  • Apple Cinnamon

This was a little too sweet for me but it definitely came in handy after running a 10k. It held me over until I could have a proper breakfast. It has 17 grams of sugar with no added sugars.

  • Dark Chocolate Walnut

For those that like rich chocolate, this flavor is for you. Not as sweet as Apple Cinnamon, it’s crunchy and dense.

It has 12 grams of sugar, three grams of which are added.

  • Dark Chocolate Crunch

This texture is different than the others in that it was harder and more prone to crumble. I liked this bar, but eating it was a bit inconvenient. I also felt a huge sugar rush after, despite this having the lowest sugar count of the three (There are six grams, five of which are added).

Apple Spice Oatmeal

I was so exited to try this flavor because the packet itself smelled like Dutch apple pie. I made it as overnight oats instead of warm oats, and it met my expectations. This flavor tasted like apple pie but was not as sweet. The nuts added a lovely crunch. Plus, the individual packages make it super convenient to make.

This has eight grams of sugar but only two added grams. It has five grams of fiber.




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