Product Review: Koko and Karma

Natalya Jones
2 min readFeb 7, 2024

Disclosure: I was given these products in exchange for this post. All opinions here are my own.

Female-founded brand Koko and Karma allows consumers to choose a drink not just based on taste, but on which boost is best for them. That’s because their coconut water is infused with benefits, such as vitamins and collagen.

Each can I tried has 11 grams of sugar all except the original, which has 10 grams. Since there is no added sugar, I didn’t feel too guilty about these tasty beverages.


This flavor contains prebiotic. I tasted mostly lychee in this one, and did not detect coconut at all. Give this to your friend who claims to hate coconut, or gatekeep it.


At first sip, I didn’t think I liked this flavor but after I tried it again, I found it delightfully creamy and slightly sweet. This contains collagen.


My favorite flavor of them all. Containing Vitamin C and B12, it’s tropical and perfect for those craving a warm day during this winter.


For the traditionalists. Just coconut, nothing else. Simple and refreshing.

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Natalya Jones

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