Product Review: Juliette from Juliette Has a Gun

Natalya Jones
2 min readMay 29, 2024


Disclosure: I was given these products in exchange for this post. All opinions here are my own.

Juliette Has a Gun, and a new fragrance. Launched just last month, the French perfumery released a new scent by the name of Juliette.

Famous for their cetalox perfume Not a Perfume, Juliette Has a Gun deemed Juliette “a perfume for somebody looking to stand out”.

Promo images of cherries and a woman donning a power suit with heels prompted me to think this perfume would be a cherry forward date night scent.

My friends, this is indeed a perfume, but not a cherry forward one. Despite the marketing trickery, I’m a fan.

The notes are:


Dark Cherry

Pink Pepper


Cashmere. Flower

Jasmine Absolute



Tonka Bean

First off, the bottle is gorgeous. Red has been my favorite color since kindergarten, so I immediately fell in love with the design of the 3.3 oz bottle. Little details such as the house’s name on the cap was the cherry on top (pun intended).

Speaking of which, I do wish the top was magnetic. It took me a bit of wiggling to pull it off, plus magnetic tops give a luxurious feel to perfume bottles. As for the atomizer, it’s to die for. What comes out is a perfectly distributed spray that’s reminiscent of a gentle shower. 10/10.

In comparison, the travel size is quite simple. The glass is clear with little indication that the scent is Juliette and not one of the many others from the line.

Juicy cherry and red fruit come through immediately upon spraying. It’s not a medicinal or a bright cherry, but it’s still juicy nonetheless. The description of the notes nail it: dark cherry, not moschino cherry.

It soon settles into the cozy cashmere mid note with the faintest hint of floral. The dry down also arrived quickly on me, settling into the maison’s signature cozy musk base of ambroxan. Overall, Juliette is very cohesive and well blended: there’s a smidge of cherry with a little bit of woods. The jasmin peaks through as opposed to turning this scent into a white floral bomb.

Projection and silage is intimate, which is what I prefer. I wore this both in an office setting and at home, and noticed the smell lasted roughly 6 hours on skin.

Since Juliette has a tiny bit of everything (woods, floral, fruit), it theoretically can be worn year round. However, it may be not welcome in the dead of Summer where simple freshies are more suitable. I am looking forward to wearing this in Fall, but maybe without the powersuit and heels.




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