Comedy Show Review: Jeff Foxworthy Makes Audience Laugh with the Good Ol’ Days

Disclosure: I was invited to see Jeff Foxworthy’s comedy show in exchange for this post. All opinions here are my own.

Classy redneck Jeff Foxworthy. visited Seminole Casino Coconut Creek on Sunday, February 9 for two back to back shows.

Although this was not a stop for the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, there was quite a few mentions of Larry the Cable Guy, including a funny story of Foxworthy getting locked outside his hotel room naked.

His signature “You may be a redneck if” and “here’s your sign” jokes did not make an appearance, but no matter — the audience still laughed heartily at his stories. He included jokes about his family, gender roles in marriage, and the facts of life. “The more kids you have, the worse a parent you are,” Foxworthy said. He joked that parents with one kid purée food grown from their own garden and parents with multiple kids smoke cigarettes while watching the kid “eat a year old Milk Dud off the floor from underneath the stove.”

A memorable bit was about his mother wanting a handgun for protection. “The last thing I want a phone call about is two dead Jehovah witnesses at the door,” he said.

One of his jokes about differences between men and women was in regards to packing: he packs enough for exactly three days and nights while his wife takes down outfits from the closet and takes pictures for Facebook approval. Another set of jokes that got a roar of approval were about the “good ol’ days”. He said, “The only time we. won a trophy was if we got first place” and “We got excited hearing the ice cream truck…now when you want to meet a pedophile, you need to go on the internet.”

Foxworthy had no opening acts, but he did not need them. His 90 minute show was fun, relevant and put a smile on almost everyone’s face. Here’s your card, Jeff.

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Fond of puns and an alliteration addict, Natalya loves to run, read, and write. To see her work, visit

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