Restaurant Review: Amar in Delray Serves Up Lebanese-Mediterranean Cuisine

Cold Mezze

  • One word: fresh. Paired with warm, fluffy pita, it’s a match made in heaven.
  • This appetizer was my favorite of the night, and a must if you visit. You won’t want to share it, trust me. Although pomegranate seeds atop baba ghanouj is quite common, it was my first time trying this particular variation. I’m a fan.
  • The fattouch is basically a salad, but don’t mistake it for being boring. With a variety of texture and flavors, this appetizer is a tasty, healthy choice. The toasted pita chips add a delightful crunch.
  • This was my second favorite appetizer. Smooth on the outside and grainy on the inside, the contrast is a party for your tastebuds.
  • Great on pita or by itself, the moussaka has so many different flavors going on. You won’t be able to pinpoint exactly what you’re tasting, and that’s a good thing.

Hot Mezze

  • Another classic Mediterranean app. The pickled turnips added a nice flair normally not accompanied with falafel.
  • These dumplings were fun to bite into surface wise. Crispy on the outside, they weren’t overly fried. As for the inside, the ground meat was accompanied nicely with pine nuts.
  • Crunchy on the corners and soft on the inside, you’ll eat these potatoes clean.

Kebabs & Signature Dishes

  • A staple in Mediterranean restaurants, the mixed grill kebabs has a little something for everyone. The kafta (charbroiled ground beef and lamb skewers) is the best tasting of the three. Pro tip: dip every meat into the toum sauce. This fluffy garlic whip is highly addictive, and you may want to eat it on everything else for the rest of your life. Veggies, meat, pita — it goes on everything. I’m calling it now: it will be a game changer with fries.
  • Read the description again — it’s a hearty one. For those who can’t decide between a carnivorous or vegetarian dish, the sheikh el mehchi is the best of both worlds.


  • For those who like rich desserts, this one’s for you. This cake is so decadent, it’s hard to believe it’s vegan.
  • This sweet treat is full of creamy goodness and makes a nice, light ending after dinner.



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