Resort Review: Naples Grande Beach Resort Adds New Spa Treatments

Disclosure: I was invited to stay as a guest at Naples Grande Beach Resort and partake in spa treatments in exchange for this post. All opinions here are my own.

Naples Grande Beach Resort offers a large array of spa treatments, such as massages, facials, body wraps and more. However, it is their new line of non-traditional and oriental medicine services that stand out from a typical spa visit.

The first treatment I had the opportunity of trying was acupuncture. Prior to my appointment, I assumed this treatment was solely for migraines. My assessment couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

Being an avid runner, I have tightness in my hips, ankles and quads (oh, the joy). Edwin, who I highly recommend, performed this treatment on me. Although uncomfortable at times, the payoff was worth it: my left hip no longer had a tight muscle pull and my ankle was alleviated of all pain. Note: these are not the thick, traditional needles for sewing. They are thin and not usually noticeable until the acupuncturist manipulates the needle into specific points. Safely, of course.

Next was cupping, a Michael Phelps favorite. Performed to alleviate muscle spasms, it’s also used to treat respiratory and digestive issues, and facial rejuvenation. For my session, Edwin focused on my upper back. Again, I can’t recommend him enough. He made me feel comfortable, he was respectful and, most importantly, was knowledgeable on all oriental procedures.

After cupping, my back muscles felt looser and more relaxed. Here is a tip: do not get cupping done if you plan on sun bathing or wearing a top that exposes the bruises. The marks will stay for a couple days, the longevity depending on the person.

I concluded my spa visit with the salt flotation bath therapy. Otherwise known as a sensory deprivation tank, the weightless salt water pod contains over 800 pounds of Epsom salt. Unless requested, there is no light or music, allowing for a complete meditative experience. I floated for an hour in complete bliss, and was extremely relaxed the remainder of the day. It’s one of the most ideal ways to disconnect, both mentally and physically.

The Naples Grande Beach Resort Spa is in the process of becoming a wellness and holistic center Yenier Marrero, Spa and Fitness Director, stated. “The guests come to the spa to treat their mind and body to get a better concept of lifestyle and well being,” he added.

The concept is to create ongoing treatment for guests or spa goers with western spa services (traditional therapies) and non-traditional eastern/Oriental medical services. “We want to be a spa with a purpose. Not just a spa where people come for one service,” said Marrero.

In the next upcoming months, there will about 25 more services added to the spa menu that will compliment the guest experience. For instance, guests who book CBD treatments such as massages, mani, pedi or facial services can receive the spa’s own CBD infused Cuban coffee or tea along with CBD infused chocolate to compliment or enhance their experience. These products will also be available for purchase in the gift shop.

With these changes, the spa should offer guests a place to. treat their mind, body and spirit. “I want to be a wellness destination,” said Marrero. “I want to be a holistic destination. I want to be that spa.”

The Naples Grande Beach Resort holds three pools, a large variety of restaurants, and is in walking distance of the beach. Visit




Natalya’s work has been published in Shondaland, HuffPost, Elite Daily, ACTIVE, and more. Visit

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Natalya Jones

Natalya Jones

Natalya’s work has been published in Shondaland, HuffPost, Elite Daily, ACTIVE, and more. Visit

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