7 Foodie Rules in Europe

Food in Europe is not just fuel for the body, it’s an experience. From stands to cafes to sit down restaurants, even the worst meal you’ll have will be one of your favorites. The non-processed ingredients, intermingling of flavors and lack deep fried culinary choices make their dining truly remarkable. Aside from the food itself, the actual eating process differs greatly.

Here are some food rules that show how Europe stands out from the States.

They do not bring water right away.

Unlike in America, the wait staff will not initially bring water to your table unless you ask for it. In addition, the staff will also not constantly fill your glasses, which is where speaking up comes into play. Here’s a money saving tip: ask for tap water or you will be served and charged for bottled water.

Drinks are usually room temperature.

If you’re expecting ice cold beer, don’t. Drinks, with the exception of coffee, are at room temp with no ice. As well, you may have to pay. a little less than a Euro more for cold drinks. Given the hotter than average weather this time of year, however, it may be worth it.

Food is also at room temperature.

Just like beverages, meals are not served piping hot, but not freezing cold either. Don’t let thus deter you: this does not detract from the quality of food whatsoever. Plus, you’ll have less time waiting for food to cool down.

Portion sizes are less.

In America, you get a meal and then some. For those who usually don’t finish their meal in one sitting, now is your time to shine. Plus, instead of a gluttonous, stuffed feeling, most likely you’ll feel satisfied.

Meals are drawn out.

Dining in Europe is a treat. You won’t be bombarded by waiters checking up every 5 minutes, eager to rush you out. That being said, if you’re on a time crunch, ask for the check towards the end of the meal as opposed to when you just finish. Or, worse case, you may have to flag someone down.

They bring the card slider to you.

As opposed to your waiter taking your card away and bringing the booklet back for a tip, you’re able to pay right then and there. Think of it as an added, convenient service. Plus, it expedites the process.

You don’t have to tip.

But you’ll want to. The food is that memorable.




Natalya’s work has been published in Shondaland, HuffPost, Elite Daily, ACTIVE, and more. Visit JonesingForJournals.com.

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Natalya Jones

Natalya Jones

Natalya’s work has been published in Shondaland, HuffPost, Elite Daily, ACTIVE, and more. Visit JonesingForJournals.com.

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